My first two bags turned out amazing!

I have never crocheted a bag before but I have found so many adorable crocheted bags online so of course I had to try it. These two bags turned out better than I had expected for my first try!  What do you think? I am selling the multicolored one for $80 and you can pick your color scheme and the longer bag is $70 and again you can pick your color scheme.



This was a free pattern I found at



I did not go off a pattern for this one. I saw a picture of something similar and used the same stitch as my popular infinity scarf to create this awesome bag. It took me a minute to figure out how to sew one lining that was double sided but once I figured it out I couldn’t believe how easy it was! 

The picture that I used as inspiration can be found at


This is to show the different size and style of each bag. This project gave me a reason to get out my sewing machine and brush up on my skills. They were so much fun to make!


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