Finally finished my new scarf!

This scarf took a little longer to make but was totally worth it! It is so beautiful and different. I love the color for spring. I can take special orders for this scarf in different colors. The cost is $45. It is very nice and lightweight for spring outfits!




Well 3am just hit and I am still up working on websites and such. Chris finally talked me into making a twitter and instagram account because he saw something on the news this morning about a small cake company that ended up expanding to a huge company because of instagram. And he says why not twitter if you are doing instagram. Might as well do them both. Problem is…I have no idea what I am doing. I am not as young as I used to be and so up with the technology. But that just means that I have to work extra hard to figure out what they are for and how to use them. I have a lot of research to do! lol. Well gonna get back to it I suppose. Goodnight!

The local yarn shop

Today Chris and I went to the local yarn shop. They have specialty yarns and very beautiful yarn that you do not see at a big box store. I love going there and seeing all the samples and of course picking out some yarn that is very different and amazingly beautiful. But with the specialty yarn comes the specialty price. The yarn is not extremely expensive but it is definately priced higher than what I usually buy when frequenting my local Joanns or Michaels. Therefore the prices of my items made with this yarn are a little higher than my normal prices but you get what you pay for with originality. This yarn is so gorgeous and perfect for some beautiful pieces I am work in on! Stay tuned to see some awesome creations soon! Now I have to get to work creating because you can’t sell what isn’t made! Have a great day!

My first two bags turned out amazing!

I have never crocheted a bag before but I have found so many adorable crocheted bags online so of course I had to try it. These two bags turned out better than I had expected for my first try!  What do you think? I am selling the multicolored one for $80 and you can pick your color scheme and the longer bag is $70 and again you can pick your color scheme.



This was a free pattern I found at



I did not go off a pattern for this one. I saw a picture of something similar and used the same stitch as my popular infinity scarf to create this awesome bag. It took me a minute to figure out how to sew one lining that was double sided but once I figured it out I couldn’t believe how easy it was! 

The picture that I used as inspiration can be found at


This is to show the different size and style of each bag. This project gave me a reason to get out my sewing machine and brush up on my skills. They were so much fun to make!

Going to actually do some crochet work now!

Ok I have been on here all morning getting everything set up so now it is time to sign off and actually do some crocheting. I am working on a really awesome market tote right now that I really want to be finished right now so I can see it done! That is my downfall, about halfway through a project I get so excited to see the finished project that I can hardly stand it. Hopefully I will be posting pictures of this awesome tote in the next couple of days! Stay tuned….